Dove, Lizzo partner on campaign tackling digital distortion

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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Dove is joining forces with a major name in the music industry to tackle a very important issue.

The beauty brand announced that it will be working with Grammy Award-winning musician Lizzo on a campaign that aims to emphasize the importance of everyone obtaining access to a positive experience in the world of beauty.

As an official Dove partner, Lizzo will work with the brand to support building self-esteem and confidence in both women and girls, as well as help advance its mission of ending hair discrimination via the Crown Coalition, the company said.

To kick off this partnership, Dove launched its “The Selfie Talk” campaign, which was powered by the Dove Self-Esteem Project, and tackles the ongoing issue of digital distortion individuals are exposed to daily on social media.

In the video, viewers are able to witness the emotional and physcual stages of a young girl posting a selfie to social media, with an emphasis being placed on how editing tools once available to professionals are now accessible to anyone without regulation, the company said.

“For over 60 years, Dove has advocated for real beauty. Part of that is our ‘No Digital Distortion’ Mark — that tells you that the people in our ads are just as you’d see them in real life. With the rise of social media, digital distortion is now happening on a much bigger scale, by younger people, without regulation,” Firdaous El Honsali, Dove global communications and sustainability director said. “We see so much creativity and expression of self-identity through the use of filters, but when editing apps are used to digitally distort images to conform to unrealistic beauty standards that cannot be achieved in real life, it can be damaging to the self-esteem of young people. Dove wants to highlight this issue and provide tools to parents and carers to help young people navigate social media in a positive way.”

In addition, the brand is also launching a new Confidence Kit tool, which can be accessed online, and aims to equip parents with the tools needed to aid in building body confidence in the young people in their lives.

“I love how this generation is so creative in the ways in which they express themselves. It’s really inspiring to see how people are taking their identity and their beauty into their own hands. However, people are struggling with their self-image and self-confidence more than ever,” Dove partner Lizzo said. “This is amplified by the increasing pressure to show a digitally distorted version of ourselves, reinforcing the idea that our beauty in real life is not good enough or worthy of likes. That’s why The Dove Self-Esteem Project and I want you to have The Selfie Talk with a young person in your life. It’s happening to young people everywhere, so let’s talk about it.”