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DSE believes in legacy brands with features, benefits that stand out

With a soft spot for legacy brands that have a focus on quality ingredients while addressing contemporary needs, DSE Healthcare Solutions has built a portfolio of OTC and beauty brands.

With a soft spot for legacy brands that have a focus on quality ingredients while addressing contemporary needs, DSE Healthcare Solutions, (DSE) has built a portfolio of OTC and beauty brands in the vitamin & dietary supplement, digestive health, and skin care categories. In the beauty segment, DSE offers Adult Acnomel and Udderly Smooth.

Khalil Daya, general manager, said, “Adult Acnomel has  been a trusted  brand for over 70 years with proven efficacy in treating both adult and teen acne. The brand has two active ingredients, resorcinol and sulfur, and does not contain benzoyl peroxide.” Daya continued, “It is effective, but less drying than benzoyl peroxide.” DSE states that the unique composition works to clear acne and also prevent future pimple formation. Daya says the tinted formula conceals blemishes while also working on the acne. 

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DSE states that consumers are seeking safer alternatives to meet their skin care needs in light of observations regarding the possible presence of cancer-causing benzene in popular acne treatments containing benzoyl peroxide. As a result, Acnomel has gotten a lot of attention from dermatologists, and the media recently.

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udderly smooth

Acnomel offers consumers a safe and cost-effective solution, priced at just $13 per tube. It is currently available for purchase on and Rite Aid stores nationwide. Daya noted that all the major drug wholesalers also carry Acnomel so it is available to independent pharmacies as well.

Udderly Smooth was created by a pharmacist from Ohio over 40 years ago. Originally developed to apply to the udders of dairy cows, soon farmers discovered the rich moisturizing ingredients also healed their dry, cracked hands. The Udderly Smooth products are still made by the same family, now in its second and third generations, in Salem, Ohio.

Daya commented that Udderly Smooth has a reputation for being quick absorbing and non-greasy, along with providing 24-hour moisturization. It is available at drug, grocery, home improvement, and dollar stores in the U.S. and is also available in Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

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In addition to the original formula, there is Udderly Smooth Extra Care 20 with 20% Urea. Daya says Extra Care 20 is recommended by oncology nurses for patients with special moisturizing needs. 


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