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A legacy brand broadening its base

Prell looks to build upon its heritage while also catering to the current customer base and expanding to new audiences.
prell purple shampoo

The hair care category is known for reinvention. Manufacturers update packaging, branding, and formulas as well as add to their product families often. Like other beauty categories, it’s important to innovate, keep up with trends, and stay on top of consumer preferences and shopping behaviors.

Prell was introduced in 1947 by Procter & Gamble. Most recently purchased by AFAM Concept, Inc. in December 2022, the company, which owns several hair care brands including Hawaiian Silky, as well as LeKair, decided to build on the heritage of the Prell brand to serve their current customer base as well as expand to new audiences.

Michael Hyman, vice president of sales for AFAM Concept, said, “We saw a great opportunity with the equity of the Prell name with the consumer to bring new products to market using our global resources with ingredients suppliers and existing relationships with retailers.” The company introduced 17 new Prell SKUs in 2023, all with an ingredient focus, including therapy blends.

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Prell brand manager, Matt Schober, added, “We looked at different hair conditions consumers were trying to address and found the ingredients to solve those challenges. For instance, we developed the Hyaluronic + Biotin formula to address dry or damaged hair.”

To expand the customer base, the company has utilized social media sites such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Schober said, “We’re getting great feedback. I think a lot of our core consumers weren’t used to seeing that type of content on social, so engagement has been great, and they are excited to see new products.”

In efforts to build customer loyalty, AFAM offers contests and giveaways through their social platforms and provides promotional deals through their e-newsletter.

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prell amla shampoo

Hyman stated, “Prell is a value brand. We use the highest quality ingredients that are efficacious, but if you look at an example, like our Purple shampoo, if you shop that subcategory, you’re going to see smaller sizes than ours with retails up to $20.00, where ours is $7.99.”

Because of the ingredient focus for the products, Schober shared that consumer education is a priority to convey the associated benefits. “We have an Amla shampoo and conditioner and it’s an ingredient that isn’t mainstream yet, we mostly see it in salon products, so we have to inform consumers about the benefits it can provide.” The company will be launching a new website that will expand on its consumer education about the ingredients used in their products.

In 2024 AFAM will be expanding Prell to new markets including Canada, Mexico, and countries in Europe and the Middle East. This legacy brand has expanded its offering rapidly and with its planned global distribution, is set to add a new, diverse generation of customers.


Megan Moyer is HRG’s corporate marketing manager. HRG is in the details of retail, working with product manufacturers, distributors, retailers, technology partners, and other industry organizations to provide data & analysis, shopper experience, brand development, fixture coordination, and retail communications solutions. HRG reviews new health, beauty, and wellness (HBW) items every month and assesses their potential for longevity in the monthly Products to Watch feature in Drug Store News as well as the annual Future 50 list. 

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