Excedrin unveils Head Care line of dietary supplements, nutrient mixes

As part of the launch, Excedrin debuted Head Care Club, which features exclusive routines from Emmy Award-winning choreographer Derek Hough to help support everyday head health.
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Seventy percent of people who experience migraine attacks and headaches feel that their day-to-day quality of life is impacted, per research conducted by the makers of Excedrin. 

To shine a light on the space in between migraine attacks and reflect the full experience, the brand is introducing Head Care Club, a holistic approach to head health inspired by the new, drug-free Head Care products, which include a daily dietary supplement and nutrient mixes: Proactive Health, Replenish +Focus, and Replenish +Sleep.

In addition, Excedrin also is partnering with professional dancer, “Dancing with the Stars  judge and award-winning choreographer, Derek Hough who has curated exclusive movement routines for the program.

Nine out of 10 people agree that headaches and migraines should be managed with a holistic, everyday routine. However, 46% said they are only employing management techniques on an as-needed basis and are not using any proactive measures. To go beyond the attack and support people outside the moment of head discomfort the makers of Excedrin have curated a collection of accessible and effective, neurologist-approved routines that span mindfulness, nutrition and movement.

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“Wellness practices like mindfulness, grounding meditation, balanced nutrition and aerobic exercise are proven to be effective tools for supporting head discomfort. Making small adjustments to how we treat our bodies, not just our brains, can have significant impact on our overall brain and head health. Everyday lifestyle choices can determine whether head discomfort will occur or not. It is important to proactively understand and support head health for this reason, said board-certified neurologist and Head Care Club coach, Deena Kuruvilla.

Head Care is a new drug-free line that helps support head health and comfort. Head Care starts with Proactive Health, a daily dietary supplement that provides a consistent supply of nutrients such as folic acid and magnesium to support proper blood flow in the brain, as well as promote a healthy neurological system and nerve transmission in the brain.

“Head Care Club is a hands-on approach that acknowledges those moments in between and goes 'beyond the attack' to support those who experience headache and migraine — just like the uniquely formulated Head Care product line which will hopefully help people achieve overall better head health, said Kuruvilla. 

Also making their debut are two nutrient mixes: Replenish +Focus and Replenish +Sleep. While Replenish +Focus is formulated with electrolytes to help support hydration, ginger to soothe the stomach and caffeine to support focus, Replenish +Sleep is designed for relaxation, including electrolytes to help support hydration, theanine to promote relaxation and melatonin to help with the desire to fall asleep.

The Head Care Club is inspired by the new drug-free Head Care line and features thoughtfully curated routines guided by various personal experiences with head discomfort and approved by a neurologist.

The Head Care Club features:

  • Custom movement routines designed by Derek Hough, alongside fellow professional dancer Hayley Erbert;
  • Mindfulness and nutrition tips from a team of wellness influencers, including head-friendly recipes and morning mindfulness practices; and  
  • Information and tips from a board-certified neurologist, Dr. Deena Kuruvilla.

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“As experts in head pain for over 50 years, we understand the toll that headaches and migraines can take on a person's day-to-day with many experiencing challenges leading up to and after the moments of discomfort — a space that many fail to acknowledge, said Rishi Mulgund, brand director of pain relief at Haleon. “The all-new Head Care products and Head Care Club program are designed to both reflect and support the full experience, promoting overall head health with small adjustments to daily routines.