FaceTory adds Artemisia to skin care products

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FaceTory adds Artemisia to skin care products

By Gisselle Gaitan - 10/29/2019

FaceTory is expanding its line of offerings with a brand-new ingredient.

The Brea, Calif.-based company is expanding its skin care offerings by adding 50% Artemisia Capillaris extract to a line of products.

Otherwise known as Artemisia or Mugwort extract the ingredient, best known in Korea, looks to help address such common skin concerns as redness, inflammation and dullness.

"We developed two essential products in a routine–a toner/mist and moisturizer. These are two steps that are absolutely necessary when it comes to taking care of the skin," Janice Chang, FaceTory's marketing director said. "We decided to bring in Artemisia as the key ingredient for this line as it's extremely loved in Korean skincare. Artemisia, or Mugwort, helps add moisture to the skin while clearing breakouts, calming redness and soothing irritations– it's really one of the best ingredients out there and we're happy to present our customers with skincare products that contain this beneficial ingredient!"

New additions to the brand’s portfolio include the Artemisia Toner Mist, which has a 2-in-1 function, allowing users to apply it with either a cotton pad or as a most. The Artemisia Balancing Light Facial Crème is a lightweight moisturizer that sinks into the skin and locks in hydration, the company said.

Both products, designed to be gentle, work well with all skin types and are especially recommended for those with oily skin.

Shoppers can find further product information on FaceTory’s website.  

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