FaceTory rolls out hydrating hand sanitizer

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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FaceTory is looking to aid in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by rolling out a new line of hand sanitizer.

The Brea, Calif.-based company’s Dreamy Jelly Hand Gel contains 75% alcohol that looks to eliminate 99.9% harmful germs, without drying out the skin on the hands.

Infused with essential oils to offset the pungent scent of alcohol, the product combines both the benefits of a hand sanitizer and moisturizing skin care product together, the company said.

“We understood the need for essential products when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. This product was launched to help our customers and communities have access to a necessity that seemed to be unreachable in major stores,” Janice Chang, the head of marketing at FaceTory said. “We wanted to provide something for our customers and minimize their worry the best we can. As a skincare company, we knew that protecting the skin barrier is just as important as purifying it of bacteria and germs. That's why our hand sanitizer is a skincare-based sanitizer that won't dry out the skin and leave it feeling tight and parched — clear signs that the skin barrier is being abused. Instead, this sanitizer is a soft, liquidy, and luxurious gel formula with essential oils to help moisturize the skin. Overall, we're extremely proud and happy that we can provide our customers with a safe essential product!”

Those interested in purchasing FaceTory’s Dreamy Jelly Hand Sanitizer can do so via the website where it retails for $14.95.