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Febreze rolls out zodiac sign collection

The Febreze Carstrology collection, created through a partnership with astrologer Aliza Kelly, features 12 scents that match each zodiac sign.
Febreze Carstrology

Febreze is expanding its line of Car Vent Clips by debuting a collection rooted in astrology.

The Cincinnati-based company has teamed up with celebrity astrologer, columnist, author and host Aliza Kelly to create the Carstrology line, which features 12 scents for cars that have been paired to match each zodiac sign.

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“Scent is a powerful portal that can manage your energy and shift your mood. Tapping into that in spaces like your car is an easy way to make life more pleasurable,” Kelly said. “The Febreze Carstrology pairings specifically reflect the core essence of each astrological archetype and what that sign needs most when on the road. After all, the journey is the destination, so why not have a fabulous driving experience?”

To activate, users must firmly push the clip until a click is heard. Then the clip can be placed on the car vent once activated, and scent intensity can be controlled with the dial found on the top for a range that goes from light freshness to scent-tastic, the company said.

When set to low, each clip lasts up to 40 days.

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Scents that are part of the collection include:

  • Aries: Car Ember;
  • Taurus: Auto Lush;
  • Gemini: Car Unstopables Fresh;
  • Cancer: Car Gain Moonlight Breeze;
  • Leo: Car Unstopables Paradise;
  • Virgo: Car Linen & Sky;
  • Libra: Auto Leather;
  • Scorpio: Auto Midnight;
  • Sagittarius: Auto Wilderness;
  • Capricorn: Auto Evening Woods;
  • Aquarius: Car Platinum Ice; and
  • Pisces: Car Ocean.

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For a limited time, Febreze will be giving away a limited amount of the Carstrology collection in keepsake zodiac-themed boxes to a select number of winners from May 3 to 31 at

The collection is available for purchase at a range of retailers across the country.

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