Focus On: How SeraLabs elevates its CBD offerings

It’s all about the trust factor, said Nancy Duitch, CEO of SeraLabs. Making consumers feel confident that the products they are purchasing are made from top-quality ingredients and do everything they are intended to do is the key to winning their loyalty. 

In the growing but still fledgling CBD category, trust is even more important as both consumers and retailers seek brands and companies that offer products that actually do what they say in a world that is full of concern about quality issues. 

SeraLabs is doing all it can to stay above the fray and make shoppers and merchants comfortable with any quality concerns. The Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based company offers more than 20 SKUs in the CBD wellness and pet categories, with a keen emphasis on offering quality products at affordable price points.

“We use the most advanced scientific practices along with the highest quality ingredients to make sure that we have the best products in the marketplace,” said Duitch, who is also chief strategy officer for CURE Pharmaceutical, the parent company of SeraLabs, which acquired the health-and-wellness CBD company in early October. “We are all about our customers and providing products that will offer solutions to their wellness needs. We grow and manufacturer our products in the U.S.

She also said that SeraLabs uses both full-spectrum hemp and CBD isolate derived from hemp that is organically grown without herbicides or pesticides, in clean, toxin-free soil and water. The hemp is then sent to a CGMP FDA-approved facility for CO2 extraction. This process removes all metals and toxins, while capturing the CBD hemp extract that’s 99% pure and rich in therapeutic benefits. 

Also, all products at the company are tested by third-party laboratories for purity and consistency. “Our goal is to provide CBD products that are 100% safe to use and consume,” Duitch said.

SeraLabs offers CBD tincture oils, gummies, capsules, pain and body topicals soothing creams, and pet tinctures for dogs and cats. Its antiaging skin care line with nine active antiaging ingredients is designed to address wrinkle and facial needs.

“Our goal is to make SeraLabs the brand that everyone is looking for when shopping for CBD wellness products,” she said. “Through our marketing program, we want to show our retail partners that we are doing everything, including digital marketing, to get consumers to come to their stores to buy our products.

“Once consumers try our products, we are extremely confident they will trust us and keep coming back because of our innovative, cutting-edge technology and superior ingredients.”