Garden of Life simplifies obtaining daily dose of collagen

For consumers looking to add collagen into their routines, Garden of Life has the answer.

The Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.-based company expanded its Grass Fed Collagen line with new options and added ingredients that target specific needs.

“We've always had a passion for helping people achieve extraordinary health, and that starts with using extraordinary ingredients,” Garden of Life president Brian Ray said. "By sourcing ingredients from farmers who share our values for raising cattle that roam free, feed on Non-GMO grass, are treated humanely, and not treated with antibiotics or hormones, we can provide an added assurance of quality for health-conscious consumers seeking collagen products.”

Five new additions to the line include:

  • Collagen Protein, formulated to support joints, mobility and muscle repair, comes in vanilla and chocolate options. It has 20 g of grass-fed collagen; super-seed proteins from organic hemp, sunflower, pumpkin and watermelon; EFAs; antioxidants; and protein.
  • Collagen Coconut MCT supports energy, hair, skin, nails and joints, and comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors. It has 10 mg of grass-fed collagen; 3 g of MCTs from coconuts; and probiotics;
  • Collagen Creamer, which can be mixed in coffee and tea, or used in baking, combines MCTs from coconuts and coconut milk with type I and II collagen peptides. It contains 10 g of grass-fed collagen and 9 g of fat, and comes in vanilla and chocolate options;
  • Collagen Super Beauty, formulated to support skin, hair and nails, contains Holimel French melon extract, astaxanthin, vitamin C, 10 g of grass-fed collagen, and probiotics. It can be used in shakes and smoothies, and for baking; and
  • Collagen Greens Beauty combines parsley, alfalfa and wheatgrass juices with spinach and kale leaves. Featuring 12 g of grass-fed type I and III collagen peptides and probiotics, it can be used in shakes and smoothies, or for baking.

Each of Garden of Life’s new Grass Fed Collagen line additions, as well as previously launched products in the collection, can be found at retailers nationwide.