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GT’s Aqua Kefir tackles pre-, post-workout hydration


GT’s Aqua Kefir is looking to help those looking for a boost before or after their workouts.

This non-dairy and caffeine-free cultured drink from the Los Angeles based brand is fermented with dairy-free kefir cultures in order to create a more approachable and desirable taste profile, the company said.

“Breaking a sweat is a daily practice for me,” GT Dave, founder and CEO of GT’s Living Foods said. “When I’m finished with my workout and I've depleted my energy, I guzzle GT’s Aqua Kefir. The combination of light refreshment and naturally occurring probiotics replenishes my gut and restores my performance to take on the day. I'm excited to share GT’s Aqua Kefir as a form of healthy hydration to our fans so they too can enjoy the delicious digestive nutrients!”

Available in coconut lime, peach pineapple, pear ginger and pomegranate flavors, GT’s Aqua Kefir contains such ingredients as water kefir grains, tibicos, and Japanese water crystals, the company said.

“Water kefir is the best way to step into the world of fermented foods. Traditional dairy kefirs taste heavy and sour. GT’s Aqua Kefir is light and nourishing, which is why it makes for the perfect pre- and post-workout drink,” Dave said.

Consumers can find the product at such retailers as Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market and other natural food retailers across the nation.

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