GuruNanda makes misting portable

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GuruNanda makes misting portable


The latest product from GuruNanda, a seller of essential oils and diffusers, is looking to make a refreshing facial possible on the go. The company’s Misti Diffuser + Rosewater features a portable, pocket-sized diffuser that converts rosewater into a fine, cooling mist to moisturize the skin in hot and dry climates, or after a workout, officials at the Buena Park, Calif.-based company said. 

Unlike some of the company’s other portable diffusers, the Misti Diffuser + Rosewater is meant for use with the company’s rosewater or any of its other hydrosols — flower waters made by distilling fresh botanicals — and features a colored LED light that turns on during use. Simply remove the cap, pour rosewater to the indicated level, replace the cap, and slide the switch to activate. 

The rosewater itself is steam distilled from thousands of blooms sourced from Bulgaria’s Valley of Roses and grown without pesticides. The rosewater, which is free of preservatives and artificial fragrances, can be used to remove oil and impurities from the skin, maintain the skin’s pH balance, and reduce redness and irritation. 

The diffuser and rosewater are sold together, with the diffuser available in white, gold, rose gold and charcoal colors. It also includes a USB cable for recharging. The product carries a suggested retail price of $25.99 and has rolled out at select Walmart stores. 

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