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Hair growth: Consumers challenge Kaleidoscope Hair Products’ CEO to think outside the box for new ways to approach hair care

DSN spoke with CEO and founder Jesseca Dupart to discuss the brand’s origin, its growth and the future of the company.

Founded in 2014 by Jesseca Dupart, Kaleidoscope Hair Products is a fast-growing hair health brand that is now available in Walmart and Target stores. The company offers a variety of hair care products that address moisture control, therapeutics, hair growth and general maintenance. Drug Store News recently sat down with Dupart to discuss the brand, the growth and the future of the company.

Jesseca Dupart, founder and CEO, Kaleidoscope Hair Products
Jesseca Dupart, founder and CEO, Kaleidoscope Hair Products

Drug Store News: Why do you think Kaleidoscope Hair Products has become one of the fastest-growing brands in the hair care industry?
Jesseca Dupart: We really listen to our consumers to ensure we’re putting out meaningful products. We constantly connect with our loyal community online to capture insights on their needs and wants from hair care, which we feed into our new product development. We take these insights very seriously to ensure we’re delivering collections that will resonate with our consumers. We aren’t afraid to do things differently, and our customers challenge us to think outside the box for new ways to approach hair care.

DSN: Explain the white space that you saw in the hair care market?
JD: I initially created Kaleidoscope in 2014 to address the hair loss that my salon clients were experiencing after doing their own weaves and color at home, and it has exploded into a beauty sensation with results-driven hair health at the forefront. When launching Kaleidoscope Hair Products, we foremost aimed for convenience and efficacy. Filling a white space isn’t always about creating an entirely new category, but rather the ability to roll out a high-quality product that finally gives consumers the results they want at an affordable price. 

DSN: How have you utilized social media marketing to grow your brand?  
JD: Authenticity and transparency are at the core of our business. We’ve built such an incredible community online because we are not afraid to be ourselves and disrupt the status quo. No matter how colorful that is — in language and personality — we have created a brand that welcomes every consumer. We believe in relatable beauty and celebrate building an honest community that empowers and uplifts one another on and off the screen. There is no better way to showcase the amazing before and after transformations than to see the real-life images from our customers shared on social media. They are our greatest advocates!

DSN: What will working with such partners as CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid mean for the brand in 2022?
JD: We have been on an incredible growth trajectory over the last few years at Kaleidoscope Hair Products, celebrating entry into Walmart, Target, Sally Beauty and more across the country. We are so excited to announce partnerships with CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens for 2022 so that we can continue to meet new consumers on their product discovery journey. These retail giants can really move the needle for beauty and hair care, and we are so honored to sit on their shelves next to other major brands.  

DSN: What do you have on the horizon?
JD: We have so many incredible products rolling out this year, including our Miracle Drops Collection that is debuting later this month. I can’t wait to roll this one out. It’s a full, multi-product collection — shampoo, conditioner, styling and more — that pays homage to our hero best-selling Miracle Drops. The collection is expertly formulated to nourish, restore and protect strands while promoting healthy hair growth. All products are infused with the original Miracle Drops hair growth oil and other amazing ingredients like coconut milk, aloe vera and castor oil.

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