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Haleon selects Collectively as influencer, marketing partner

The 3-year agreement covers Haleon products such as Advil, Sensodyne and TUMS.
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Collectively, an influencer marketing company, has been selected by Haleon to serve as its principal influencer marketing partner in the United States, covering the company’s OTC and wellness brands. 

With a strong track record working with consumer-packaged goods and healthcare brands, Collectively will be building strategies for Haleon that embrace a full spectrum of influencers, from celebrity to nano to healthcare experts, tailoring campaigns to meet each of their brands’ objectives.

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The 3-year agreement to develop and execute creator-led campaigns for products such as Advil, Sensodyne and Tums reflects Haleon’s commitment to engaging and educating consumers—recognizing that influencer marketing is a vital channel for connecting with diverse audiences.

“Haleon is in the midst of a transformation in how we connect and resonate with consumers,“ said Katie Williams, chief marketing officer at Haleon U.S. “Prioritizing sophisticated influencer strategy through Collectively as well as richer, more upstream integration of this channel in our marketing mix will enable us to show up where and how consumers are discovering, learning about and choosing brands today.”

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“Creators have the distinct ability to speak with true cultural relevance and offer up personal, authentic conversations about health and wellness issues, so leaning into influencer marketing will make a big impact for Haleon,” said Ryan Stern, CEO of Collectively. “We plan on tapping into a wealth of influencer relationships and tactics to ensure that their brand teams are effectively optimizing creators in their marketing plans. To date most major influencer marketing contracts rarely extend beyond a single year. This partnership demonstrates the increasing importance of creators and influencers in marketing strategies, on par with what we typically see with creative and media agency reviews.” 

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