Honey Bunches of Oats’ latest campaign reminds consumers about the greatness of oats

The ‘Don’t just eat oats. Eat Bunches of Oats’ campaign showcases how Bunches of Oats makes everything better, the brand said.
Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor

Honey Bunches of Oats recently debuted a new campaign focused on reminding consumers about the greatness of oats and how they can be enjoyed in bunches.

The campaign was created to showcase how Bunches of Oats makes everything better, and how its iconic bunches and clusters have stood the test of time while also differentiating the brand’s cereal, the company said.

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“The ‘Don’t just eat oats. Eat Bunches of Oats’ campaign was designed to remind fans that Bunches of Oats make everything better," said Steve Spaulding, senior director of marketing adult/nutrition at Post Consumer Brands. "Fans have always loved our iconic bunches and clusters; they’ve stood the test of time and differentiate our cereal. Now we have the chance to highlight that we have Bunches of Oats, a wholesome, hearty ingredient that can help to set you up to win the day. This campaign is centered around universal, human truths that resonate with almost everyone."

Featuring television spots in both English and Spanish, the campaign is set to run nationally on networks, across social platforms and retail media.

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“Sometimes it’s all right there in the name,” said Marty Senn, chief creative officer at Carmichael Lynch. “We wanted to draw out that distinction that sometimes oats alone aren’t enough to get you through life’s little challenges, but literal Bunches of Oats – crunchy, honey-kissed, and delicious – can take you to a whole other level. With this new campaign, we wanted to move past the usual breakfast vignettes and instead highlight those little moments where a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats could have made all the difference.”

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