How pharmacists can bridge the diabetes care education gap

Training programs may help retail pharmacists become better partners in diabetes management.
Kathie Canning

Editor’s Note: This story provides additional context to the October 2023 story, "Tune in to Technology,” which readers can find here.

Drug stores and the pharmacies within them certainly are well situated to help their diabetic consumers better manage their chronic condition. But becoming a partner for diabetes management—one that is able to dispense relevant information and insights—often is easier said than done.

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Recognizing that reality, TRC Healthcare, Denver, recently introduced a training program for pharmacists. Titled “RxAdvanced: Diabetes Monitoring & Management,” the program offers six hours of ACPE-accredited continuing education that aims to give pharmacists the skills they need to advise patients on how to use technology and pattern management to achieve improved glycemic control.

According to TRC Healthcare, the online 12-course curriculum includes education from experts at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. It focuses on innovative technology-driven techniques in diabetes treatment. Topics covered include self- monitoring of blood glucose technologies, differentiation of continuous glucose-monitoring (CGM), a comparison of insulin pump types and exploration of CGM integration for better outcomes, and more.

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“It is vital for pharmacists to stay updated on the latest therapies,” said Wes Crews, CEO of TRC Healthcare. “With this training program, we are committed to enhancing competency and driving better patient care.”

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