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HRG Future 50: Standout products that hit store shelves in 2021

Take a look at the 50 products that set themselves apart at the shelf in 2021.

The pandemic really did a number on brick-and-mortar retail stores, but the demand for OTC, beauty and wellness products was (is) still there. And, fortunately, suppliers have been on the case, rolling out new products, new formulations and innovative wellness products. HRG has been there every step of the way, analyzing the data to find the hottest ones.

The Waukesha, Wis.-based data and analytics organization reviewed more than 2,227 products in health, beauty, and wellness products in 2021, and came up with their list of the top 50.

HRG compiled the list using an unbiased, weighted review of promotional support, product innovation, importance to community pharmacy, and earning as well as category growth potential, to determine future performance. HRG’s category research and analysis team reviewed key sales indicators and distribution within community pharmacies to select the new items trending to be the top 50 performers.

Here is the list for this year.

HRG's top products of 2021
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