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Inside Beauty: Maesa dives deep into the macro trends shaping the industry

DSN caught up with Oshiya Savur, chief brand officer at Maesa, to discuss the latest macro trends in the beauty industry.
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In the latest installment of DSN’s Inside Beauty video series, Julianne Mobilian, managing editor, sat down with Oshiya Savur, chief brand officer at Maesa, to discuss how the economic trends have influenced the beauty space.

Savur shared how COVID disrupted the supply chain on an economic level, affecting every industry—and beauty was no exception. As a beauty incubator, Maesa predicts that prestige and mass beauty will continue to blend, she said.

Much like the “Lipstick Index of 2008,” consumers splurged on fragrances during the pandemic, and consumers are continuing to trade in and out of categories, she said. Brands are figuring out what they will want next.

Savur also dives into emerging and fading consumers and the giant consumer in between the categories, comprised of millennials and Gen Xers, and how their spending habits may influence the beauty markets.

Watch the entire conversation above.

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