Le-Vel’s Thrive Plus line hydrates, boosts energy

Le-Vel wants to help fans of its products find a way to quench their thirst.

To do just that, the Frisco, Texas-based brand is unveiling its latest line — Thrive Thirst.

Based on its proprietary hydration formulas, the brand’s newest launch is available without or with natural caffeine from green tea and comes in a grape flavor.

“We’re leading busy and active lives and it's not always easy to get the fluids we need throughout the day. When we lose more water than we're taking in, dehydration can throw us off balance,” co-CEOs Jason Camper and Paul Gravette said. “Thrive Thirst is designed to help us maintain that critical balance of electrolytes and distribute key nutrients throughout the body, so we can avoid that foggy feeling that comes from dehydration — and those who need an extra energy boost will love the formula with infused caffeine.”

Featuring 2 g of carbohydrates, electrolytes from pink Himalayan salt, and coconut water, the powders, which can be added to bottled water, are also free of gluten and sugar, the company said.