Lenny & Larry’s The Boss! Cookie features protein

Lenny & Larry’s is putting a protein-packed twist on the traditional cookie.

New from the Los Angeles-based company is The Boss! Cookie, which features dairy and plant protein, 18 g of protein per 2-oz. cookie, 1 g of sugar and 6 g of prebiotic fiber, the company said.

To celebrate the launch of this new product, the brand is holding the Boss Up! Challenge from Feb. 17 to March. 16, and encourages participants to submit videos that show off their strength, agility or balance to win and participate in a socially-distanced competition in April, as well a private training session with Jessie Graff.

“With the introduction of Lenny & Larry’s The Boss! Cookie, we are delighted to offer a protein-packed treat that will help consumers perform at their best and take their fitness gains to new levels,” said Lenny & Larry’s CEO, Jolie Weber. “We invite all fitness fanatics to test their limits and join us for our Boss Up! Challenge with Jessie Graff to showcase their strength, agility and balance.”

Available in three flavors — chocolate chunk, peanut butter chunk and triple chocolate chunk — Lenny & Larry’s The Boss! Cookie retails for $1.99 and can be found at retail locations nationwide.