Lip Smacker debuts BFF subscription service

Putting a new twist on how to obtain its products, Lip Smacker has debuted a new subscription program.

BFF, or Best Flavor Forever, is a quarterly subscription program that features the latest curated collection from the brand, including an exclusive product and Mystery Flavored lip balm, the City of Industry, Calif.-based company said.

Originating an answer to one of its most asked social media questions, service includes an exclusive item that will only be available to BFF subscriptions before placement with any retail outlet.

“Our followers constantly ask the question ‘where to buy’ about a product we have just posted about. So we figured what if we can deliver the newness directly to our fans' doorsteps?” Lisa Steinert, the director of brand marketing said. “As the brand evolves, we want to provide our fans with the latest trends that are on-brand with Lip Smacker.”

In addition, for each mystery flavor featured in the subscription, consumers will be able to guess what flavor it is with personalized clues on the company’s website.

“It's not just a subscription program. It is a conversation between our brand and our core consumers,” Emily Huang, the vice president of marketing said. “We want to surprise our consumers with the latest collections, delight them with our authentic flavors, and have them come back to talk about the Mystery Flavors. As a brand, our constant goal is to create conversations with our consumers that build brand loyalty and trust.”

The BFF quarterly subscription service retails for $25 and can be found exclusively on the brand’s website.