LiquiGlide’s EveryDrop aims to get every drop out of container

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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LiquiGlide is rolling out new, zero-waste packaging that is sure to shake up the health and beauty industry.

Designed alongside industrial designer Yves Béhar and his firm, the EveryDrop packaging looks to eliminate friction between the inside of a packaging and the product.

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“The first EveryDrop packages are ready for commercialization with creams, lotions, gels, and conditioners. We are thrilled to make them available to global brands and indie brands alike.”  said Damien Dossin, executive vice president and general manager, CPG at LiquiGlide. “Beauty is a highly competitive space, and new product launches struggle to gain traction, let alone establish brand loyalty. Consumer research shows that consumers are far more likely to try, and continue to buy a product that is launched in EveryDrop packaging because of its unique aesthetics and practical benefits. LiquiGlide offers powerful tools for generating excitement for product launches and building loyalty with existing product lines.”

The end result is packaging that allows products to flow freely and completely out of the container.

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Packaged in translucent containers, consumers will be able to see how much product they have left and get every drop out of the product, resulting in a packaging that is more recyclable and eliminates material waste and reduces carbon footprints associated with consumer-packaged goods, the company said.

“We believe that LiquiGlide’s technology offers clear advantages over anything else in the market and will eventually become ubiquitous. For example, creams and gels that are typically constrained to cumbersome and unsanitary jars can now be sold in delightful, hygienic, and sustainable EveryDrop packaging. We were excited to collaborate with Yves Béhar and fuseproject to take this important step toward realizing that vision,” Dave Smith, CEO & co-founder of LiquiGlide said.