Lumiday targets women’s beauty, wellness

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Lumiday targets women’s beauty, wellness


Lumiday, which is part of the Adaptive Health family, has launched its new supplement line for women to support body wellness.

“Beauty isn't just about a woman's outward appearance; it's about her total body wellness,” Natalie Jones, the senior product formulator said. “That's why Lumiday takes a holistic approach to beauty, targeting the key aspects of a woman's well-being from the inside out. In creating the Lumiday line, we hope to empower women to embrace self-care and become their healthiest and most confident.”

Debuting with four products, the lineup includes:

  • Radiance Within, which looks to boost skin appearance, hydration and elasticity, while also increasing hair volume, strength, and shine. It also targets nail health, metabolism and looks to improve moods;
  • Love Goddess, which looks to boost the female libido;
  • Youth Rejuvenator, which aims to boost the body’s own release of HGH, and is to be taken before bed to help support endocrine balance, and promote better sleep quality; and
  • Brighter Mood, which looks to improve moods, helps cope with stress, dissolve tension, stimulate relaxation, boost positive thinking and relieve other such symptoms like fatigue and anxiousness.

All of Lumiday’s products are formulated on science and research and use clinically validated key ingredients. Products also do not contain gluten, soy, dairy, GMOs, hormones, stimulants or artificial colors and flavors, the company said.

Shoppers can purchase the line at GNC.