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Matter of Fact skin care debuts at Sephora

Products from the skin care line will be available on and 270 brick-and-mortar locations toward the end of August.

Clinical skin care brand Matter Of Fact is now available on, marking their first-ever multi-channel retail expansion. The brand's products will be offered in 270 Sephora brick-and-mortar locations nationwide starting Aug. 25.

Matter Of Fact's journey began 15 years ago, when CEO, founder and formulator Paul Baek began seeking gentle, effective solutions for his acne prone skin, which was presenting a challenge for him in his then-role as a professional K-Pop musician. Already having a deep interest and appreciation for skincare formulation, Paul wondered whether he could find a way of combining potent active ingredients that delivered powerful results without the adverse reactions that he was experiencing with the products that were available to him at the time.

"We are so honored to officially be a part of the Sephora family and have the chance to share our work with their wonderful community," said Baek. "Knowing people will consider using their hard earned money on our products is something I take seriously. Through our straightforward formulations, combined with our rigorous approach to testing, we hope to delight Sephora clients. Sephora has been a force of nature in the world of beauty and self-care products for many years now, and to be among the brands represented in their legendary spaces is a dream come true."

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Matter Of Fact's official launch on and in Sephora stores includes the following products:

New Wrinkle + Texture Concentrate (MSRP $98): launched in July 2023, Wrinkle + Texture Concentrate is a first-of-its-kind,  treatment that combines retinol, Vitamin C and azelaic acid into one formula; the product is clinically proven to visibly improve multiple signs of aging including wrinkles, dark spots, skin texture and tone via the use of Matter Of Fact's "combination therapy" approach, the company said.

Brightening + Firming Serum (formerly Ascorbic Acid 20; MSRP $92): This highly stabilized, waterless formula allows for fast and effortless penetration, delivering a potent 20% dose of fully dissolved L-Ascorbic acid for better absorption, per the company.

Minimalist Hydrating Moisturizer (MSRP $68): dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, this lightweight, luxurious cream formula delivers comforting, non-greasy hydration that helps support the moisture barrier and strengthen the skin's natural defenses. The formula forgoes any unnecessary additives, ensuring soothing hydration for a wide range of skin types, the company noted.

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Barrier + Antioxidant Treatment (MSRP: $68): contains a concentrated dose of skin-mimicking lipids and free radical-fighting antioxidants, this treatment supports more resilient, radiant, and restored skin, per the company.

Resurfacing + Hydrating Serum (MSRP $88): a radiance-enhancing, pore-clarifying, multi-acid mixer balanced with potent anti-irritants and hydrators that delivers powerful exfoliation without irritation, the company added.

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