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Merlot Skin Care expands product availability


Merlot Skin Care’s products are now available to a wider range of consumers.

Recently, the brand known best for its grape seed-based skin care products, announced that four of its offerings are now shoppable via Walmart’s e-commerce platform —

“We’re excited to be making our products available through this channel,” Michele Beckley, Merlot Skin Care’s vice president of operations said. “From our very beginning we’ve made our products available directly to the customer, first through our website,, and through other sites. We understand that people want to be able to shop where and when it’s convenient for them.”

Products currently available include:

  • Merlot Moisturizer, which retails for $17, is made from natural red grape seed polyphenols, looks to inhibit the antiaging process, and also is absorbed quickly onto the skin. It is lightweight, can be used as a primer, and aims to leave the skin feeling smooth;
  • Moonlight Radiance Night Cream, which retails for $20, contains peptides and grape seed antioxidants that look to help users combat deep wrinkles, fine lines and any signs of premature aging. It also aims to promote thicker skin, improve the skin tone, boost the skin’s pH balance, and locks in moisture overnight;
  • Grape Seed Eye Cream, which retails for $13, and aims to reduce puffiness as well as eliminate dark shadows. The cream also looks to relieve dry skin and improve skin’s look by boosting collagen production; and
  • Grape Seed Cream Cleanser, which retails for $12, is a mild, non-drying and foam-free cleanser that contains such fruit extracts as papaya, green apple, grape seed and cucumber. It looks to help remove impurities from the skin, soften and nourish and also can be used to remove makeup.

Effective for all skin types, Merlot Skin Care products are not tested on animals and free of parabens. The brand will expand its offerings by launching additional skin solutions later this year.

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