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Miss Spa Sculpt elevates self-care routines

Self-care is just as easy as ever, thanks to Miss Spa.

The beauty brand is launching not just one, but three new sets of tools that look to hydrate, smooth, and promote the appearance of clear, plump and rejuvenated skin.

Known as Miss Spa Sculpt, the collection features reusable silicone patches that look to help the face, neck and chest, as well as tools that target problem areas and serums for both the face and body.

“Miss Spa is passionate about educating and empowering women to take control of their own beauty routines. By providing proper instructions with these new Miss Spa Sculpt tools, we are empowering everyone to take control of their skin care routine at home,” Lisa Ashcraft, president of Miss Spa said.

Reusable for up to 20 applications, the brand’s silicone patches collection features:

  • Sayonara Scars, which are scar-fading body patches that look to trap hydration in order for skin to appear plump, smooth and moisturized;
  • Chest Friends, which are décolletage patches that aim to firm and hydrate the skin in order for the appearance of wrinkles to be reduced and also prevent new ones from forming;
  • Your Best Neck, which is a neck patch that looks to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and prevent new ones from forming;
  • Eye See Results, which are under-eye patches that aim to soothe and hydrate the area in order to reduce the appearance of crows feet, while also reviving tired eyes;
  • Smoother For Sure, which is a forehead patch that looks to smooth away forehead creases and restore moisture to dehydrated skin;
  • Frown Fix, which are smile line patches that aim to smooth the area and provide a rejuvenated appearance; and
  • Smoother Smooch, which are lip line patches that hydrate and soften the lips, and also look to reduce the appearance of smoker and marionette lines.

“The medical grade silicone in the new Miss Spa Sculpt patches helps create a unique microclimate that locks in skin’s hydration and boosts skin’s natural collagen production to diminish the appearance of scars and fine lines that appear on all skin types, at all ages and for a multitude of reasons,” Ashcraft said.   

On the other hand, the tools line — which consists of two products — aims to target problem areas on the face, neck, body and lips. Items in this line include:

  • Roller Dermy Microneedling Set for the Face + Body, which contains three attachments that target problem areas on the face including the face, neck, body and lips; and
  • Overachiever LED Light Therapy Tool, which looks to deliver targeted microcurrent massage treatments in order to clear, tone and plump the skin.

“The new Overachiever LED Light Therapy Tool by Miss Spa Sculpt delivers targeted light therapy and microcurrent massage treatments to help promote the appearance of clear, plump and rejuvenated skin without the spa price tag. To achieve maximum results and enhance brightening effects, apply a lightweight, hydrating facial serum before use. The new Roller Dermy Microneedling Set creates micro punctures in the skin’s surface to reduce the look of fine lines, uneven texture, dark spots and blemish marks. Miss Spa Sculpt’s new serums are designed to soak your skin with rich, hydrating ingredients after micro-needling treatment for an extra boost. The new Microneedling Set for Face + Body includes different attachments to target problem areas on your face, lips and body,” Ashcraft said.

Last but certainly not least are the Face + Body Serums, which include:

  • Smooth + Revive Serum, which contains vitamin E and aloe leaf to calm inflammation, also look to leave skin feeling soft and silky;
  • Brighten + Correct Serum, which contains such superfruits as Kakadu plum and camu camu, also features antioxidants and vitamin C to help smooth out texture and complexions;
  • Hydrate + Restore Serum, which  combines hyaluronic acid with avocado oil in order to help rebuild the skin’s protective layer; and
  • Lift + Firm Serum, which looks to promote firm complexions via crystal peptides and hibiscus extracts that encourage cell turnover.

“By combining these efficacious serums and patches with these innovative beauty tools, Miss Spa Sculpt is a skin care system for your entire body,” Ashcraft said.  

The Miss Spa Sculpt collection will be available exclusively on

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