Mucinex kicks off ‘Small But Mighty’ campaign with Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim

Mucinex also is spotlighting small but mighty communities with $100,000 in donations to select community YMCAs.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
mucinex chloe kim

Mucinex, a Reckitt brand, is touting its Mucinex Fast-Max All In One product via a campaign dubbed, "Small But Mighty" that features two-time Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim.

The campaign aims to show consumers that they can treat their cold & flu with less liquid per dose.

"This has been another unpredictable cold and flu season with consumers experiencing everything from cough and sore throat to sinus congestion and body pain," said Mark Pearson, vice president, marketing for health brands at Reckitt. "The Small But Mighty Campaign illustrates how powerful relief can start with one small dose, and that consumers can take control over their cold & flu symptoms with Mucinex Fast-Max All In One."

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Kim, the first female in history to win back-to-back Olympic gold medals in halfpipe snowboarding, is an individual known for her small but mighty stature and someone who prioritizes health and wellness. Kim joins Mucinex in educating others on the importance of taking care of yourself during cold and flu season.

"I am thrilled to partner with Mucinex to help bring awareness of the impact something 'small but mighty' can have during this cold & flu season," Kim said. "I am especially pleased to be a part of the brand's first donation set to be made at the Weingart East LA YMCA, which will help support their winter leadership youth camps… and maybe even some snowboarding clinics!"

To bring to life the impact that can be made through "small but mighty" efforts, Mucinex will be supporting five local YMCAs across the country with donations totaling $100,000 in 2023. Each YMCA will uniquely allocate the donation to support the mission-based organization's sports equity program in mighty ways, benefiting their youth sports programs – from swimming and soccer to baseball, gymnastics, day camps and winter sports.

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"Across the nation, YMCAs are dedicated to inspiring positive change near and far through our commitment to helping people and communities learn, grow and thrive," said Brenda Hernandez, executive director of Weingart East LA YMCA. "The YMCA is extremely grateful to Mucinex for joining in our mission to keep our communities healthy, safe and active. This donation will have a powerful impact on our small communities and youth sports programs, allowing our local chapters to continue working towards a healthy lifestyle, especially during cold and flu season."

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