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  • 10/30/2023

    Herdez rolls out Habanero Hot Sauce

    herdez habanero hot sauce

    The Herdez salsa brand is broadening its portfolio with the launch of a new hot sauce. 

    Habanero Hot Sauce, made with habanero peppers, is shelf-stable and can bring versatility to any dish, the company said. 

    “We’re always looking to expand our portfolio and offer new and unexpected ways for consumers to experience the authentic Mexican flavors they love, and believe we've delivered the perfect, everyday condiment for almost any food,” said Giselle Olson, brand manager of the Herdez brand. “Our hot sauce line expansion with the new Habanero Hot Sauce offers a delicious, bold kick that works with any cuisine or occasion, from breakfast to dinner and every bite in between.”

    Consumers can find Herdez’s Habanero Hot Sauce is available at major grocery chains in a 5-oz. bottle that retails from $2.78 to $3.39 and a 12-oz. bottle for $5.38 to $6.49. 

  • 10/23/2023

    Welch’s adds passion fruit, mango pineapple flavors to Juice Cocktails

    welch's juice cocktails

    Welch’s Juice Cocktails beverage line is expanding with the debut of two new flavors—passion fruit and mango pineapple.

    The new tropical additions, which come in 64-oz. shelf-stable containers, are made with real fruit juice that contains the daily value of vitamin C, the company said.

    Consumers can find Welch’s new Juice Cocktail flavors available for purchase where the brand’s products are currently sold.

  • 10/23/2023

    Listerine tackles oral care concerns with Clinical Solutions line

    listerine clinical solutions

    Listerine is debuting a new mouthwash collection that is dentist-developed and helps tackle such oral care concerns as early gum disease, tooth decay and persistent bad breath, the brand noted.

    The Clinical Solutions collection features three products, including:

    • Antiseptic Gum Health: This product is made with 67% more zinc chloride than any other Listerine zinc product, it helps reduce gingivitis;
    • Teeth Strength: Powered by Rapid Fusion Technology, it consists of a fluoride delivery system that increases fluoride uptake and remineralization for stronger tooth surfaces; and  
    • Breath Defense: A mouthwash formulated with zinc chloride to help neutralize odor molecules that bacteria or foods can introduce, and also contains essential oils to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.

    Currently, the Listerine Clinical Solutions collection is available in-store and online at Walmart. It will see a national launch in 2024.

  • 10/20/2023

    Jackson’s welcomes latest spicy jalapeño flavor

    Jackson’s spicy jalapeño sweet potato chips with avocado oil

    Jackson’s has added a new flavor to its chip portfolio—spicy jalapeño sweet potato chips with avocado oil.

    “Rounding out an exciting year of innovation and growth, we’re thrilled to bring the heat with spicy jalapeño—our take on the classic flavor consumers crave,” said Scott Reamer, co-founder of Jackson’s and innovation lead. “After extensive rounds of taste testing, our innovation team created the best version of a jalapeño chip, adding the spiciness of the pepper to our savory sweet potato chips for those who crave a little kick to their crunch!”

    Featuring hints of onion and garlic, this new flavor launch is available at select retailers nationwide and online in a 1-oz. bag that retails for $1.29 and a 5-oz. size for $4.49.

  • 10/19/2023

    Cosmetic Executive Women to announce 2023 Beauty Award recipients

    women conference teaser

    Cosmetic Executive Women, or CEW, is announcing the winners of its 2023 Beauty Awards, which will span across 34 categories, with an in-person networking event and luncheon.

    Winners of the annual awards are chosen by industry experts, including CEW members, ambassadors, brand executives and VIPs, the organization noted.

    Taking place on Nov. 7, the awards are voted on by industry insiders and will include a networking event with industry insiders.  

  • 10/18/2023

    Wheaties to roll out limited run of Marvel’s Spider-Man boxes

    Wheaties x Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 cereal box

    Wheaties is highlighting Peter Parker and Miles Morales with a new partnership that has resulted in a limited edition run of its cereal boxes featuring the well-known Spider-Man character.

    Through a collaboration with PlayStation, the boxes were inspired by the latest game featuring the comic book character that allows players to quickly switch been Peter Parker and Miles Morales to experience their superpowers and unique stories, the company said.

    Each limited-edition box will come with the game’s prequel comic, as well as an activation code for a custom Stars Digital collectible.

    Currently, the limited-edition Wheaties x Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 cereal box will be available beginning Oct. 20 exclusively online.

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