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Transcending ‘digital noise’ to hyper-focus on the consumer experience


Kimberly-Clark’s Liz Metz (center)

The first step to making an impact in a customer’s life, according to Kimberly-Clark’s senior director of shopper engagement Liz Metz, is understanding what they want from their shopping experience.

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“In order to really succeed in the future, it’s less about hyper-focus on our products — though that can never go away — but now it has to be a hyper focus on the consumer experience and what they’re demanding differently today than they did yesterday,” Metz said. “People live their lives in everyday moments, and being able to meet them where they are is critical, but so is meeting them with solutions that actually bring value.”

For Kimberly-Clark, that means transcending the digital noise with an approach that puts humanity and human connections at its center — and it is a feature that Walmart and its expansive network of brick-and-mortar stores is positioned to bring to customers.

“This touch of humanity in a hyper-connected world will still have a role to play,” Metz said. “And I think what’s unique about Walmart versus a pureplay offering is that when you have a location, a physical community you can build at your site, it can go a long way in creating this loyalty and connective tissue that goes beyond ... technology and actually make a connection with the person.

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