NutriSuits combines prebiotics, probiotics in chewable tablet


NutriSuits, a New York-based and nutritionist-led supplement brand, has unveiled its latest innovation.

New to the brand’s portfolio are Losers’ Chews, which combines prebiotics, probiotics and vitamin D3 together to create a balance of strains that boost gut health, support weight loss and enhanced immune response, the company said.

“I always recommend my clients start a regime of probiotic supplements, as well as supplement with vitamin D, but I could not find a sugar-free brand that wasn't sweetened with maltitol. Even in low doses, maltitol can lead to severe digestive upset. That's why I created Losers’ Chews, to deliver what I believed was missing,” Sophie Anson, nutritionist and co-founder of NutriSuits said. “As someone who has struggled with my weight in the past, I can attest to the benefits of a probiotic supplement. Losers' Chews is a chewable probiotic packed with enough microbes to make a difference — plus prebiotics to nurture their proliferation in the gut. Finally, vitamin D3 helps support your immune system and has been shown to boost fat loss.”

Each tablet contains more than 20 billion CFUs for a healthy microbiome, does not contain added sugar, is sweetened with stevia and xylitol, and does not require refrigeration, the company said.