Oca adds new flavor, expands availability

Oca added the prickly pear-lime flavor and expanded its availability to more than 2,000 Kroger stores.

Oca’s plant-based energy drinks powered by tapioca are about to become available to a wider range of consumers.

The Miami-based company recently shared that its beverages are launching at more than 2,000 Kroger locations.

“Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, Oca’s growth exceeded all expectations,” Gabriela Ramírez, senior brand director for Oca said. “We are very excited about this expansion together with Kroger to accelerate growth in the U.S. and make our mark in the energy drinks market with an unparalleled product.”

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In addition, the brand also announced the addition of a brand-new flavor — prickly pear-lime — which joins other flavors including mango, guava-passionfruit and berry-acaí.

Powered by tapioca, an extract to cassava root, Oca’s beverages are organic, vegan, free of gluten, low in sugar, and are powered by natural caffeine, the company said.

“It makes us extremely happy to know that a company like Kroger understands our vision to create healthy beverages that represent our Latin flavors and roots,” Felipe Pimiento, COO of Magnus Media, said. “This confirms that Oca is connecting with consumers across the U.S. and what we are seeing is just the beginning.”

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Consumers can find Oca’s beverages online at and, and at Kroger stores.