5-hour Energy launches carbonated energy drink

5-hour Energy’s 16-oz. carbonated beverages are available in berry, grape and watermelon flavors.
a close up of a bottle

5-hour Energy is expanding its offerings beyond its well-known energy shots.

Living Essentials, the parent company of the brand, unveiled a look at its latest innovation — carbonated energy beverages.

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Packaged in a 16-oz. can, the beverages are available in three flavors, including grape, berry and watermelon, the Las Vegas-based company said.

“5-hour Energy is already a top three energy brand, so the addition of the 16-oz carbonated beverage product is a natural progression,” CEO and founder Manoj Bhargava said. “For the times when you’re tired and thirsty, our new carbonated beverage has a refreshing, lighter taste compared to Red Bull and Monster. Try it!”

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Consumers can find 5-hour Energy’s 16-oz. beverages nationally via independent beverage distributors and other channels, the company said.

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