Oral-B launches Genius X, artificial intelligence toothbrush

Oral care is stepping into the future.

Oral-B announced the launch of its new Genius X powered toothbrush, which contains artificial intelligence and helps users brush for the right amount of time without too much pressure.

Creating an algorithm from more than 2,000 brushing sessions, the company gained insight into brushing behaviors from around the world, and via data showcased that everyone has a unique brushing style, the brand said.

To ensure its users are being provided with the best care — no matter their brushing style — Oral-B’s Genius X guides users through a connected app that offers personalized feedback on regions of the mouth that require additional attention.

“By deepening our understanding of consumer behavior across 60 countries, Oral-B has been able to design products and experiences that help coach consumers to build healthier brushing behaviors,” Carlos De Jesus, vice president of North America Oral Care at Procter & Gamble, said. “The Genius X is just our first, and very big, step into connected oral health. We know that oral hygiene is a gateway to our overall health, and we will continue to innovate devices that help people seamlessly monitor and support their at-home care.”

Genius X’s sensors solve common brushing issues by monitoring pressure, keeping track of brushing time, and detecting the brush’s location and orientation.

Data is then sent to the Oral-B app, which leverages the Genius X AI algorithm to identify real-time issues where users are brushing.

In addition, the Genius X features the brand’s signature round brush head and has a three-movement combination — oscillate, rotate and pulsate — to remove plaque.

Further information can be found on the company’s website.