Organic India expands Tulsi Tea line

Tulsi Sweet Rose, Assam Black Tea is a caffeinated blend with bioactive botanicals.
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Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose, Assam Black Tea

Organic India’s Tulsi Tea line is expanding with the launch of a new flavor — Tulsi Sweet Rose, Assam Black Tea.

“We are proud of our long-standing fair tradepartnerships with more than 2,500 small family farmers inIndia, many of whom cultivate organic Tulsi as a direct result of working with Organic India,” said Kat Wiranowski, director of marketing.“By working directly with farmers, who maintain ownership oftheir land and choose to continue to partner with us,we’ve been able to source high-quality organicand regeneratively grown herbs while contributing to the expansion of these practices. Cultivating Tulsi,along with other herbs, benefits farmersby helping to protect their land and livelihoods, while alsobenefiting local communities, global consumers and the planet.

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Featuring Tulsi Sweet Rose paired with Assam Black Tea for a caffeinated blend with bioactive botanicals, the new addition also contains antioxidants to help fight free radicals and protect cells from oxidative damage and aids in providing cognitive clarity, the company said.

“Commonly referred to as Holy Basil, Tulsi has beenrevered in India for centuries forits power topromote balance throughout the entire body. Tulsi warms the circulatory system and respiratory tract,providing a soothing and nourishing quality; while simultaneously relieving daily stress thanks to itsadaptogenic attributes,”explainsherbalist and Organic India USA’s Director of Education EmilySchaefgen. “When this potent adaptogen is combined with Organic and Fairtrade Assam Black Tea, ithelps prevent the jitters and burnout usually associated with caffeine, while supporting sustainedenergy levels."

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The Tulsi Sweet Rose, Assam Black Tea has an MSRP of $5.69 for an 18-count boxand will be on shelves in select natural grocery retailers, as well as Amazon and online.