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Organic India launches daily pack supplements

Organic India’s Daily Packs are on-the-go supplements formulated to target such needs as stress and mood, immune, cognitive and digestive health.
organic india daily supplements

Organic India is rolling out a new line of products aimed at simplifying daily wellness routines.

The latest launch from the Boulder, Colo.-based company are the Daily Packs, which are on-the-go supplements that feature whole-herb formulas designed to target such needs as stress and mood; immune; cognitive and digestive health.

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Each box, which contains 30 individual packs, contains vegan, non-GMO, halal and kosher tablets formulated with herbs and spices that work together to offer the desired type of support, the company said.

“We are committed to continuing to develop products that deliver real-time benefits by utilizing the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic herbs. The introduction of these new Daily Packs takes the guesswork out of adding supplements to one’s daily routine, so that people can enjoy the robust health benefits that come from taking a combination of organic herbs alongside each other. These age-old botanical remedies are presented in a practical, modern application that is supported by scientific research for ease and efficacy,” Miguel Gil, CEO of Organic India USA said. 

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The full line of products includes:

  • Immune Support Daily Pack, made with Guuchi and turmeric for immune defense, it also contains Andrographis and tulsi for respiratory support and Bhumyamalaki for antioxidant needs;
  • Digestive Support Daily Packs, formulated to nurture gastrointestinal functions, featured ingredients include turmeric and ginger for the metabolism; pippali and black pepper for digestion; and katuki and Andrographis for detoxification;
  • Cognitive Support Daily Packs, designed to help nurture the brain and nervous system health, it contains gotu kola for cognitive clarity and mental acuity; ashwagandha for mood support; tulsi for stress relief; and bacopa for memory and focus; and
  • Stress and Mood Daily Pack, made to support mental relaxation and emotional wellness, is formulated with tulsi and Shankhpushpi for stress relief; Bacopa and Gotu Kola for nervous system support; and Ashwagandha for energy and adrenal function.

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Each Daily Pack, which retails for $39.99, can be found at Whole Foods Market, Sprouts and select natural grocery retailers, as well as online at

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