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Basic Care leads Amazon’s OTC search results

When searching Amazon for some kind of allergy relief, Basic Care, a brand exclusive to the e-retailer, is leading the paid advertising results.

This information comes from new analysis from Kantar Media, which looked at such popular keyword phrases as allergy pills, allergy medicine and allergy relief during the weeks of Aug. 1 to 15.

According to the data, Zyrtec came in second and Claritin came in third within the allergy search category.

In addition, Amazon’s private-label brands were among the top contenders in the vitamins category. The company’s Amazon Elements, Solimo and Whole Foods’ 365 Everyday Value ranked No. 17, 8 and 9 on the top 17 vitamin keyword results.

Within the cough-cold categories, Amazon’s brands also were present when users searched for cold medicine, cough suppressant or cough syrup. Out of 35 brands advertising with those words, the company’s Solimo brand came in at No. 8 while the 365 Everyday Value came in at No. 9.

It wasn’t just the health category the online giant was disrupting. The same data shows Amazon’s brands leading the personal care and household items categories.

Amazon Elements came in top place when users searched for baby wipes, beating Huggies and Pampers, which ranked in the second and third spots.

Solimo came in second on the keyword lotion and Amazon’s Mama Bear came in fourth in the laundry detergent keyword, while Presto came in 10th.
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