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DivaCup makers tout safety, eco-friendliness


While tampons and menstrual cups have coexisted on the market for decades, presently there is a movement toward the use of menstrual cups, such as Diva International’s DivaCup. According to Research and Markets, the global menstrual cups market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4% between 2016 and 2020.

(To view the full OTC Women's Health Report, click here.)

For the latest 52 weeks ended Oct. 2, IRI reported sales of tampons trended relatively flat, up slightly by 0.5% to $1.1 billion across total U.S. multi-outlets.

“While the category as a whole is on the decline due to aging population, there is greater awareness and a growing demand for true product innovation,” noted Daniela Masaro, brand marketing manager for Diva International. And Diva International is delivering on that innovation, along with the promise of a product that’s more environmentally friendly than the tampon.

DivaCup provides up to 12 hours of protection and is made out of healthcare-grade silicone that is free of chemicals, plastics and dyes.

“Because it is reusable — we recommend replacing the DivaCup annually — customers not only save money but also reduce their eco-footprint by sending less waste to landfills,” Masaro added. “Customers are looking for products that will not have a detrimental effect to their health or the environment, [and] the category of feminine hygiene is no exception.”

Diva International has committed more than $7 million throughout 2016 educating women around the benefits of menstrual cups. “We use a mix of print and digital advertising, commercials on mainstream and digital television, social media, public relations, promotional and educational materials and resources, as well as participation at trade shows and conferences in our marketing mix,” Masaro said. “We also include retailer-specific ‘geo-targeted’ advertising on our website to drive customers to participating retailers.”

Awareness is spreading, and women are becoming more educated about alternatives to traditional menstrual care, Masaro noted. “There is an urgent need and demand for the DivaCup in all stores,” she said. “Consumers are no longer settling for products they have long been disappointed with; they will seek out a better product where they can find it.”

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