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Dry eye drives sales growth


Sales across the overall eye care and contact lens care categories generated $1.8 billion across total U.S. multi-outlets for the period ended May 15, representing growth of 2.4%. And dry eye continues to be a significant driver behind that growth, whether those dry eyes are caused by looking at a computer screen or smartphone all day or if there’s an underlying medical condition.

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Age is also a factor, noted Yann Pigeaire, director of marketing at Similasan. “That dry segment, in particular, is going to stay healthy for a very long time by virtue of the baby boomers,” he said. “Allergy [conversely] is heavily dependent on the climate, [making] it hard to predict.”

Similasan recently introduced a new creative campaign underscoring a “no harsh chemicals” message supporting its eye care solutions. “That’s been working well for us,” he said, contributing to double-digit growth across the company’s eye care offerings.

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