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Excedrin’s limited editions target everyday headache causes

Excedrin is looking to offer relief to consumers whose headaches have very specific everyday causes. The GSK Consumer Healthcare brand on Wednesday introduced its limited “Commuter Edition,” “Bad Date Edition” and “Adulting Edition” packaging for its pain reliever. The company offered them for free on, and ended up out of stock, according to an Excedrin Instagram post.

"While the way headaches feel and impact people is very personal, there are some universal headache-inducing moments that many can relate to, be it bumper-to-bumper traffic during the daily commute, a bad date or simply navigating the woes of adulthood," said Excedrin head pain expert Elizabeth Seng, a New York-based clinical psychologist. “Regardless of what your headache looks or feels like, we all share the same yearning for relief. I'm excited to help Excedrin in this important mission to deliver relief and empathy for headache sufferers.”

To share the news, Excedrin partnered up with food expert Antoni Porowski and fashion designer Tan France — both of whom star in Netflix’s “Queer Eye.”

In addition to the online availability of the special editions online, Excedrin offered thet Commuter Edition exclusively outside of New York City’s Penn Station — one of the city’s busiest hubs — starting at 7 a.m.

Excedrin said the launches were an extension of the brand’s “We See Your Pain” program, which is meant to help shed a light on how headache sufferers experience pain through creative visualizations. The campaign is meant to bring consumer insights to life by using custom visualizations and limited editions.

“People describe headaches with such vivid imagery — waves crashing, a wrecking ball, gears grinding,” said Excedrin marketing director James Masterson. “Through our ‘We See Your Pain’ campaign, we hope to demonstrate a new kind of understanding and relief for head pain sufferers. We want headache sufferers to know we understand their pain, we know what causes it, and we're here to help.”
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