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Migraine may be next switch


The next big Rx-to-OTC switch opportunity in 2017 could be migraine treatments.

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“They did switch Imitrex [in Europe],” Laura Mahecha, industry manager healthcare for Kline Group, said, citing concerns of “potential cardiovascular side effects.” Mahecha called the potential of a 2017 migraine switch “low to moderate.”

In the meantime, migraine already is a growing category within OTC pain relief, impacting as many as 37 million Americans. Sales of GSK Consumer Healthcare’s Excedrin Migraine were up 10.5% to $85.7 million for the 52 weeks ended Aug. 7 across total U.S. multi-outlets, according to IRI, and the brand has invested significantly to increase awareness around migraine sufferers with the introduction of the Excedrin Migraine Experience, which has generated more than 300 million impressions.

“[The migraine sufferers are] … predominantly female head-of-households who buy more premium products,” Amardeep Kahlon, marketing director respiratory health, pain relief and skin health at GSK Consumer Healthcare, said.

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