Nasal corticosteroids see high growth

While the C/A/S tablet and liquid subcategories have seen little change in sales versus year-ago sales, the UR nasal subcategory saw impressive growth in the channels studied, due in large part to the recent Rx-OTC switch products in the nasal corticosteroid segment, driving sales up 15% in the food industry and up to10% in drug. (see Figure 1).

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Flonase had the highest percent of sales on promotion (45%) of all top-selling allergy brands. ClariSpray and Allegra had the lowest percent of sales on promotion of any of the allergy products studied. (see Figure 2).

Margins for the leading corticosteroid, Flonase, were consistently the lowest across mass, food, and drug channels, with 19% in the mass channel and 28% in the drug channel. Rhinocort saw the highest margins for the segment, while ClariSpray saw margins very close to the leading brands. (see Figure 3).

Flonase dominated the nasal corticosteroid segment with 346 circular ads in the food class of trade, followed by drug with just 181 ads. Nasacort followed with 284 ads in drug and an impressive 157 ads in the food class of trade. Flonase also saw a list price increase of 2.5% in October 2016, and will be introducing new Flonase Sensimist Spray in February 2017.

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