Nature's Truth pairs aromatherapy to yoga in latest outreach


RONKONKOMA, N.Y. – Nature's Truth may have identified a new niche opportuntiy within aromatherapy - targeting yoga enthuisasts. The company on Thursday announced they will be partnering with Yoga Journal and New York-based yoga instructor Kat Fowler on a unification of yoga and aromatherapy with an editorial featuring Nature’s Truth to be published in the October issue of Yoga Journal.

“This partnership is all about introducing essential oils and educating consumers about the benefits of aromatherapy to a targeted holistic community,” stated Kimberly Vigliante, Nature’s Truth SVP sales and marketing. “Creating a partnership with Yoga Journal and Kat Fowler is more than yoga and essential oils – it is to educate people about the age-old tradition of aromatherapy.”

Aromatherapy is familiar to yoga enthusiasts, many of whom  incorporate essential oils into their pursuit of balancing their chakras in a practice that has been coined "Aroma Yoga." “We have seen a huge rise in the use of essential oils and the need for pure plant-based products. Our vast selection of 100% pure oils are high quality, great value and conveniently available in over 20,000 doors nationwide,” Vigliante said.

"I always use essential oils in Savasana [a relaxation pose typically incorporated toward the end of a session] on my students around their shoulders and neck," Fowler told Yoga Journal. "When I’m teaching a hot class I usually put peppermint oil, mixed with an almond oil base, on my wrists, ears and the back of my neck to cool down."


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