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New products boost external analgesic rubs


Quest Products is looking to break onto the external analgesic scene with CopperFixx, a balm that combines the analgesic properties associated with copper and arnica. “Copper has always been known to help relieve the aches and pains of certain afflictions,” said Don Ryan, president and CEO of Quest Products. “Until now, no one had figured out how to produce it in a consumer-friendly form.”

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Other brands continuing to lead the way were Blue Emu ($28.6 million, up 20.1%), Australian Dream ($23.1 million, up 20.7%) and Boiron’s Arincare ($19.1 million, up 19.7%).

Another recent launch of note is NFI Consumer Products’ Lidocare (4% lidocaine), which will be the only water-free lidocaine pain relief patch available to consumers due to patented technology.

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