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Nexium 24HR remains leader ahead of private-label launches


Pfizer’s Nexium 24HR is the clear leader in the digestive aisle. However, in March 2017, store-brand versions of Nexium 24HR will be available. Perrigo has already secured a tentative approval from the Food and Drug Administration for its OTC Nexium 24HR generic equivalent. “We are currently working with our retail customers in making plans to launch the item as soon as possible after the late March 2017 market exclusivity period expires for the national brand,” John Henderickson, Perrigo president and CEO, recently told investors.

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The No. 3 player in the antacid tablet space — Boehringer Ingelheim’s Zantac 150 — is maintaining marketshare. And BI recently introduced a 2-in-1 antacid that combines the fast-acting heartburn relief of calcium and magnesium with the H2 blocker famotidine. Trading on its Zantac heritage, the new brand is called Duo Fusion.

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