P&G looking to own sinus solutions with Sinex relaunch

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P&G looking to own sinus solutions with Sinex relaunch

By Michael Johnsen - 09/07/2016

CINCINNATI - Procter & Gamble on Wednesday announced the relaunch and expansion of its Sinex brand, a complete line of over-the-counter medications designed for consumers who suffer from sinus symptoms. With the relaunch, “The Clear Your Head Medicine” enters a misunderstood category to offer consumers a clear choice for their nasal congestion and pressure relief, regardless of whether symptoms are due to allergies, colds or other triggers.

“Consumers can experience confusion when they’re trying to find a product that can offer total sinus relief, partly because our research has found that sinus lacks a true category leader," stated Dave Tomasi, commercial director, P&G Personal Health Care. "Without that well-known, go-to sinus brand, people are left to juggle a variety of products in order to find relief for their symptoms,” he said. “With 63% of sinus sufferers looking to a variety of medications that might not do the job for their sinus symptoms, this expansion of the Sinex line will offer one-stop-shop relief from a trusted brand.”

As many as 71% of U.S. households (85 million) suffer from sinus symptoms in a given year, while 17% of U.S. households (20 million) are severe sinus sufferers. This relaunch marks more than 50 years of the Vicks presence in the OTC sinus segment and more than 100 years as a trusted cough, cold and flu brand.

Available this month, Vicks Sinex now offers a complete product lineup with both sprays and LiquiCaps including:

  • Scent-Free Ultra Fine Mist;

  • Severe Nasal Spray;

  • Severe Ultra Fine Mist;

  • Moisturizing Ultra Fine Mist;

  • Nighttime and Daytime LiquiCaps; and

  • LiquiCap Convenience Packs.

Originally, launched in 1959 as “Medi Mist,” the brand adopted the name Sinex three years later and was the market leader through the mid-1990s. While additional products have since entered the nasal spray market, Sinex has retained high awareness and a loyal following due to its “long-lasting relief” claim and the introduction of the first Ultra Fine Mist in the 1990s. Since the mid-90s, the brand has offered fast-acting relief in nasal spray form.

“There are many well-established brands for allergy relief but without that true category leader for consumers who suffer from sinus symptoms, it made sense to launch a line specifically designed to address these consumers’ needs, regardless of the trigger. We want to keep it simple – Sinex stands for sinus,” Tomasi added.

The relaunch will include a holistic and integrated marketing campaign, featuring national TV, online video, in-store displays, couponing and a digital sinus incidence program.

With a variety of products, Vicks Sinex provides both solids and sprays to meet consumers’ personal preferences. Sinex products are now available in the aisles of major retailers throughout North America.