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Probiotics see robust growth


NEW YORK — New findings that support the use of probiotics in treating a variety of disorders are helping to create interest in the category, according to Kline’s “Digestive Health, Immunity, and Probiotics: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities” published in late August.

“We have seen several new probiotic launches recently appealing to specific conditions or groups of consumers, such as immune support, women’s health and children’s immunity,” said Laura Mahecha, Kline’s Healthcare Industry manager.

Product delivery has changed. While most probiotics on the market still are available in tablet or caplet forms, new delivery systems — such as drinks, sodas, chews, cubes, liquids, gummies, fizzy powders and prefilled straws — are becoming more popular.

Probiotics, including combined probiotics with prebiotics, experienced robust growth fueled by a strong consumer interest due to supporting research studies, new product innovation and increased advertising. In addition, such companies as The Clorox Co. and Royal DSM are increasing distribution of their respective brands being sold in the food, drug and mass retail outlets. Royal DSM, with its digestive health brands Culturelle and UP4 A Happier Inside, acquired in 2016, holds a significant 13.5% market share across all channels, Kline said.

“Consumers are looking for high-quality products they can trust, and there is increasing demand for supplements to be supported by scientific studies and positive clinical trial outcomes to evidence their efficacy,” said Alexa Wood, brand manager at Bio-Kult. “Also of interest to consumers is the number and types of bacterial strains used, with evidence indicating that having a more diverse range of bacteria within the gut confers the greatest health benefits.”

Bio-Kult’s Infantis dietary supplement

One probiotic to keep tabs on is Bio-Kult’s Infantis. Bio-Kult crossed the pond late last year and is making significant inroads with its U.K. multistrain probiotic brand. “Multistrain products, with their potential to exert their effects throughout the gut and benefit a greater number of digestive conditions, are particularly popular,” brand manager Alexa Wood said. Infantis contains seven probiotic strains along with omega 3 and vitamin D to boost an infant’s GI health.


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