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SimpleMD taps into Mediterranean Diet with new meal replacement entry


AVENTURA, Fla. -- SimpleMD recently launched a line of protein bars inspired by the Mediterranean Diet. According to the company,  they are they only protein bars made with extra virgin olive oil and red wine.

The "hero" of the Mediterranean Diet is olive oil; and the Diet itself has been linked to improved cardiovascular health, reduction in cancer and Alzheimer's risk and improvements in arthritis and age-related macular degeneration.

"We've found that the SimpleMD customer is not your typical protein bar consumer," Adam Kustin, CEO SimpleMD, told Drug Store News. "She loves good wine and good coffee, and enjoys holistic fitness activities like yoga or Pilates. She's on the lookout for healthy and portable snacks with protein, rather than settling for functional, but less tasty, protein bars. [And] with her on-the-go lifestyle, she appreciates SimpleMD as a healthy alternative."

In an appeal to philanthropic-minded customers, such as millennials, SimpleMD is a sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and has pledged 1% of sales to the cause. Though, for the next month SimpleMD is upping that philanthropic ante. "From Nov. 11 to Dec. 11 we are donating 11% of our sales when a consumer uses the special promo code NBCF11," Kustin said. "This affinity group is germane to the brand since the Mediterranean Diet has been proven to reduce the risk of breast cancer."

In promoting the brand, SimpleMD is not targeting the traditional media portrayal of "mom," who's younger and with young children, Kustin said. "We are looking at the mom with two teens. She's starting to regain control of her life and focusing on her definition of 'better living,' whether it is that glass of wine or Pilates class."

The bars are sold in 12-count boxes with a suggested ring of $22.99 and a suggested unit price of $1.99.


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