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Walgreens adds big touch of tech


CHICAGO — Walgreens in early January brought the latest example of its flagship retail pharmacy to life in Chicago. And, like it’s counterpart in New York, the interactive technology really sets the store apart from traditional retail pharmacy experiences. Two endcaps across from the pharmacy feature interactive touchscreens — one features information on smoking cessation, the other on heart health. Adjacent to the pharmacy’s pick-up window is a self-serve prescription checkout that dispenses a patient’s prescriptions.

Complementing an extensive wine and liquor selection are two touchscreen kiosks. The first, located alongside the checkstand, helps consumers pair a wine selection with that evening’s meal. The second, dubbed a “virtual bartender” breaks down a cocktail recipe into its base components so consumers can recreate that cocktail at home. Also, the Maybelline touchscreen beauty kiosk, originally featured at the 40 Wall St. location in New York, now is Facebook-enabled.

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