Who’s who in CBD

“You can’t tell the players without a scorecard.”

That famous phrase, usually reserved for the baseball diamond, holds a lot of weight in the emerging CBD category, where dozens of companies are lining up to supply retailers with a wide range of products as soon as they get final Food and Drug Administration approval.

Drug Store News is offering a close look at some of the key players in the category, who they are and what makes them unique from the competition. In alphabetical order, here is what they had to say.

101 CBD
All CBD is not created equal, said Justin Benton, president of Ventura, Calif,-based 101 CBD. Retailers should look for products that contain full-spectrum CBD instead of isolate, because the latter refers to burning down the CBD into a powder, which makes it lose valuable nutrients. “We firmly believe in raw CBD,” he said.

The company makes CBD oils in varieties called Alleviate, Chill, Boost, CBD, and Decarboxylated CBD Oil, which is heated at lower temperatures that result in a higher potency. Also available are CBD Topicals, including a Raw Relief Roll-On and Raw Relief CBD Topical for soothing localized pain of arthritis, neck and back spasms, and migraines. Topicals are widely used by massage therapists, and are a healthy way to deliver CBD, Benton said. “We don’t do vaping or edibles,” he said. “A brownie might be fun, but you don’t want to eat that every day.”

Abacus Health Products
The OTC health company Abacus Health Products recently announced the launch of an advanced skin care line within its CBDMedic family of products. This new line is for the treatment of acne, eczema, and itch and rash, and will include four topical products, including ointments, creams and facial cleansers. The products will utilize FDA-monograph active pharmaceutical ingredients and cannabinoids, and will be formulated with natural and organic ingredients.

The Woonsocket, R.I.-based company has several new products in its pipeline, and in the next two years plans to launch CBD products for foot pain, dermatology, acne, anti-inflammatory, and eczema itch and rash.

“One hundred million Americans suffer from acute or chronic pain,” said CEO Perry Antelman. “The major retail pharmacies are hungry for these products.”

Be Trū Organics
Be Trū Organics is a Los Angeles-based company that makes Be Trū Wellness products. The hemp comes from 100% certified organic farms in Switzerland, and the hemp extract is organic, all-natural, pure, non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher, and is processed in an ISO 9000 GMP-certified lab. The company also uses nanotechnology that splits one particle into 14 million particles for better absorption and longer-lasting effects. These are important attributes in an already crowded industry. “There are over 150 companies making products that are unregulated,” said chief marketing officer Brad Halpern. “A lot of products look like they are made in someone’s garage.”

Be Trū Wellness products include body pain relief cream, body pain relief patch, dream beverage drops for sleep, mind daily gummy chews, energy beverage drops and focus beverage drops. For pets, there are Catchies Feline Hemp Oil with coconut oil and catnip oil extract, and Dogchies All-Natural Hemp Complex.

Cannabliss Organic
The wife and husband team of Melissa and Nick Christensen, who founded Cannabliss Organic, have family roots in the beauty industry and past experience in hemp wellness and cultivation. The Aurora, Colo.-based company makes skin care products with a high concentration of full-spectrum hemp oil that is specially blended with ancient Korean herbs to work in synergy with the body and to nurture and heal. The products include Bliss Body Oil, Bliss Kiss Balm, Foaming Cleanser, Hemp Salve, Moisturizing Lotion and other products available in prestige stores and resorts.

CBD Care Garden
The focus for CBD Care Garden is hemp-based wellness and beauty. The Denver-based company sells such products as antiaging face products, body butter and body washes in high-end resorts and spas. “We are in pretty much every state now,” said CEO and co-founder Vanessa Marquez. “I think retailers have been chomping at the bit to get involved.”

CBD Unlimited
CBD Unlimited, headquartered in Cave Creek, Ariz., has been a leader in the hemp-based CBD industry since 2014. Products come to market under the CBD Unlimited brand, as well as the Phyto-Bites line of products for pets. Early in 2015, the company realized the need for education and information within the CBD product segment. This led to multiple doctor-led case studies to help determine the most effective forms of delivery and to define dosing guidelines. This research helped lay the foundation for product forms, formulations and dosing guidelines within the current product assortment.

CBD Unlimited offers specific delivery methods: topical mist and balm, as well as tinctures and adaptogen herbal capsules, which include a nighttime formulation. The Phyto-Bites brand features dual-delivery pet chews infused with CBD to promote pet health and support mobility, and may reduce separation anxiety and pain for both dogs and cats. The targeted SKU assortment is designed to help retailers and customers understand how to use the products, while providing solutions within select, top-selling product categories. Additionally, this targeted product assortment ensures the ability to deliver a consistent supply of high-quality products. This focus will help CBD Unlimited and their retail partners drive positive customer experiences as they enter this new category.

Charlotte’s Web
Charlotte’s Web said its purpose is “To better the planet and the people living upon it.” The company is doing this with high-quality hemp extract, in such products as CBD Oils in Full-Strength, Extra Strength and Original Strength. Hemp Capsules with CBD, plus naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids help provide support for normal, everyday stresses and recovery from exercise. Charlotte’s Web is based in Denver and manufactures in Boulder, Colo.

“It’s obviously working for enough people, they are shouting from their social media rooftops,” said co-founder and chairman Joel Stanley.

Curaleaf has several brands, including Curaleaf Hemp, which makes natural, nonintoxicating products for a better quality of life. The Wakefield, Mass.-based company said the effective hemp-based CBD products meet the strictest quality standards in the industry. Products are available in such categories as Pure, Relieve and Revive, and include lotions, drops, patches, softgels and vape pens. All