Pantene campaign highlights LGBTQ+ acceptance for the holidays

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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Pantene is partnering with GLAAD and the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles on a brand-new video series.

Created to help those part of the LGBTQ+ community who feel they can’t come home as their self this holiday season, the “Going Home for the Holidays” video series aims to raise awareness of the tensions and challenges member of the community can face, the company said.

“Inclusion is at the heart of Pantene’s mission to celebrate the beauty of all transformations and of all people,” Ilaria Resta, vice president, North America hair care, Procter & Gamble, said. “Hearing these LGBTQ individuals speak about the trials and triumphs of going home for the holidays — as well as their irrepressible desire to be their true selves - will inspire others in the community and remind us all what true beauty is about.”

The “Going Home for the Holidays” series also builds upon Pantene’s “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful,” campaign, and features the stories of four members of the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles.

“Pantene is setting the standard for authentic inclusion of LGBTQ people and stories among brands that transcend industries,” GLAAD president and CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis said. “LGBTQ stories need to be told by brands outside of Pride month and Pantene is demonstrating a real commitment to LGBTQ storytelling with this moving holiday video. Especially around the holidays when too many LGBTQ people feel isolated, it’s so important to remind community members who celebrate with families — chosen or otherwise — that they are beautiful.”

In addition, the brand has also pledged to make a $100,000 donation to Family Equality, which envisions a world in which every LGBTQ+ person has the right and opportunity to form and sustain a loving family, the company said.

"Family Equality is excited and proud to join Pantene's inclusive embrace of all family members during the holidays. Families of origin, families that are formed, and chosen families all have a role to play in the beautiful patchwork of love and acceptance that makes up our LGBTQ+ community," Reverend Stan J Sloan, CEO of Family Equality said.

The series of videos are available to watch on Pantene’s YouTube channel.