Peace Out Skincare’s newest pimple patches suitable to wear under makeup

Acne Day Dots, inspired by the Acne Dot for overnight wear, are sheer and 62% thinner than its original pimple patch, the company said.
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Peace Out Skincare said its newest pimple patches can can be worn under makeup.

Acne Day Spot, inspired by its Acne Dot for overnight wear, is sheer and contains all the acne-fighting ingredients users have come to expect.

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Designed to protect already existing blemishes, Acne Day Dot works to help minimize additional breakouts in six hours or less, and is 62% thinner than its original pimple patch, the company said.

“Our customers kept asking us for a daytime pimple patch, one specifically that they could put makeup on, so we took apart our hero pimple patch removing the top layer and redesigned it with grooves to hold makeup, it's pretty amazing,” said Enrico Frezza, founder and CEO of Peace Out Skincare. “The Day Dot is going to be everyone's new go-to daytime pimple patch. Day Dot is clean, contains all the active and healing ingredients that made Acne Dots #1 to help minimize your pimple during the day and minimize your urge to pick your pimple.”

Acne Day Dot contains hydrocolloid polymer technology to extract impurities from the skin and create a barrier guarding against external elements; salicylic acid to penetrate the pore and decongest to aid in clearing and healing blemishes; aloe vera leaf extract to soothe the skin while minimizing redness and irritation; and retinyl acetate, or vitamin A, to promote clearer skin, the company said.

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Peace Out Skincare’s Acne Day Dots retail for $19 for 20 dots and $32 for 40 dots at Sephora and online.